10 Best Mini Donut Maker Reviews By Consumer Guide For 2023

What’s better than a fresh donut for breakfast? Mini donuts go perfectly with your morning cup of coffee and can also be great for a tasty treat at any time of day. Making mini donuts at home is quite easy and you don’t have to have a deep fryer to do it. A mini donut maker makes lots of small donuts at once. You can use nearly any donut recipe to make the type of donut your prefer.

When shopping for a mini donut maker it’s important to choose one that has a non-stick surface so the donuts come out each time without sticking to the pan. Some of these types of donut makers have removable plates that make cleanup a breeze. The following is a list of the 10 best mini donut makers based on reviews by consumer guide.

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10. Oster Mini Dessert Maker

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The Oster Mini Dessert Maker is easy to use and can be powered by any standard electrical outlet. This unit includes 3 interchangeable inserts to make mini donuts and other small desserts.

This mini dessert maker comes in a beautiful vibrant purple color. The plates can be removed for handwashing. They have a non-stick surface so your donuts and desserts come out perfectly each time.

9. Nostalgia JFD100 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Bakery

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The Nostalgia cake pop & donut hole bakery is compact and takes up little space on your counter. This small appliance is designed to bake fresh donut holes and allows you to use many different recipes.

This donut hole maker includes 25 bamboo sticks so you can make cake pops in addition to donut holes. The surface of the baking area has a non-stick coating for easy cleanup.

8. Sunbeam Fpsbdml920 Full Size Donut Maker

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The Sunbeam full-size donut maker is compact in size and comes in a lovely yellow color. This small donut maker is designed to make 5 donuts at once.

This donut maker from Sunbeam has non-stick plates for easy cleanup. The lid has a latch to hold the unit closed while the donuts are baking.

7. Betty Crocker BC-2938CO BC2938CO Mini Donut Maker

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The Betty Crocker mini donut maker comes in a vibrant pink color. This small appliance makes 7 mini donuts at once. It has a cool-touch handle for safety.

This mini donut maker from Betty Crocker has a power-on light indicator to let you know when your donuts are ready to take out. It bakes the donuts in just minutes after reaching temperature.

6. Brentwood TS-250 Mini Donut Maker Machine

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The Brentwood mini donut maker machine has 750 watts of power. It bakes 7 donuts at once and can have them ready in just a few minutes. The cool-touch handles keep your hands safe when opening the machine.

This donut maker from Brentwood has power and temperature indicator lights so you know when it’s ready for use. The non-stick surface helps your donuts pop out perfectly with each use.

5. Throwback (60047) 3-In-1 Countertop Mini Cupcake, Donut & Waffle Maker

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The Throwback 3-in-1 countertop donut maker can also make waffles and mini cupcakes. This small appliance has 6 removable plates that are dishwasher safe.

This donut maker can make 12 mini donuts at once. It has 1200 watts of power to heat up and bake your treats quickly. This appliance has a slim design so it doesn’t need a lot of space for storage.

4. VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker

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The VonShef 12 mini donut electric maker can make 12 donuts in minutes. It heats up to the right temperature quickly to save time when compared to other donut makers.

This donut maker from VonShef has power and ready light indicators to let you know when your donuts are done. This machine has a cool-touch handle for safety and includes automatic temperature control.

3. Norpro 3168 Donut Maker

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The Norpro 3168 donut maker is designed to be used with deep fryer to help you make old-fashioned style donuts. This little gadget is easy to use and it includes simple instructions to get you started.

This donut maker from Norpro can also be used for pancakes and waffles. It helps you drop the batter easily without making a mess. It includes recipes so you can try many different types of donuts at home.

2. Babycakes Donut Maker

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The Babycakes donut maker is a compact and affordable small appliance. This donut maker comes in a beautiful yellow color and can make 4 donuts at once.

This small donut maker from Babycakes has non-stick plates for quick cleanup. The bottom of the appliance has rubber feet for stability. The power light lets you know when your donuts are ready.

1. Chef Buddy 82-KIT1066 Mini Donut Maker

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The Chef Buddy mini donut maker can be used to bake many varieties of donuts. This machine is easy to use and has red and green indicator lights to let you know when it’s ready to use.

This compact donut maker can make up to 7 donuts at once. The cooking plates are covered in a non-stick coating so you can simply wipe it clean once it’s cooled after each use.

A mini donut maker gives you to option to make tasty donuts at home which can save a lot of money over buying donuts at your local donut shop. Plus, it’s just fun to bake donuts and you can make many different types. Most mini donut makers are designed in a style similar to a traditional waffle maker. Some can even make other treats like waffle sticks and cupcakes. These small appliances bake cake-style donuts which are much easier and less messy than deep-fried donuts.

Mini donut makers are relatively affordable and can be a fun way to get your kids interested in baking. They’re also great to use for parties and events to create a special home-baked treat. One of the best ways to ensure you buy a well-made mini donut maker is to read online reviews. These reviews can provide useful information on how well the donut maker works and how easy it is to clean.