10 Best Shower Curtain Liner Reviews by Consumer Guide for 2023

Are you on the market for the best shower curtain liner? Well, there are lots of models and types that claim this title. However, what matters to you while selecting the best shower curtain? Is it design, durability, ease of cleaning, or waterproofing features? Whatever the answer, I will introduce to you the best liners that satisfy these needs in one product. Not only that, but the liners are stylish and easy to hang to enhance your convenience.

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10. AmazerBath 2 Pack Thin Shower Curtain Liners

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The AmazerBath Shower Curtain Liners are multi-purpose curtain liners. You can use them in motels, dorms, homes, hotels, or in a camp trailer. Besides that, the curtain liners are suitable for use as a stand-alone curtain while taking a shower, or as a liner for a fabric shower curtain. Made using 100%waterproof material, the liners are durable and mold-resistant. Also, the shower curtains contain three clear stones at the bottom. These are heavier than ordinary 3-gauge curtain liners to hold it in place. Easy to clean, you can clean the liner using a damp cloth. Moreover, the curtain liner includes metal grommet holes that promote effortless hanging with shower curtain hooks and other decorative hooks.

9. Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain Liners

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These are heavy-duty shower curtain liners. They are made using heavy-weight premium polyester fabric to enhance strength. Also, the polyester is eco-friendly and therefore, healthy to use. Featuring a thick and water-repellent design, this fabric can repel water and resist soaking for long-lasting use. Moreover, the liners feature reinforced rust-proof metal grommets in the head. These plus a weighted hem at the bottom offer easy installation while making it possible to contain the liners in place. Easy to wash, the liners are machine washable using mild detergent and tumble dryable for easy maintenance.

8. N&Y HOME Ultimate Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner

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Whether you are looking for a stand-alone shower curtain or a shower curtain liner, you can expect to have made the right decision after purchasing N&Y HOME Ultimate Shower Curtain or Liner. Made using premium polyester fabric, it is non-toxic, durable, and breathable. Also, this material is machine washable. Because of this, you can expect to have an easy time when you need to maintain a fresh and clean shower curtain. Featuring 100% waterproof fabric, with a soft TPU coating, this is one of the best choices for a shower curtain liner that won’t soak or leak. Additionally, the head features 12 holes for easy hanging.

7. iDesign PEVA Plastic Shower Curtain Liner

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Suitable for use in a kid’s bathroom, master bathroom, or guest bathroom, this is a plastic shower curtain that protects water from splashing on to the bathroom floor. The liner contains reinforced grommets. These are suitable for use with shower rings, S hooks, or shower curtains for easy hanging. Also, the curtain liner includes magnets at the bottom hem. These provide extra weight and stability to contain it in place. Measuring 72″ x 72″, the curtain liner suits all showers, bathtubs, straight curtain rods, or rounded rods. Besides that, the curtain liner wipes clean using water and mild soap for quick and effortless cleaning.

6. mDesign Plastic, Mold/Mildew Resistant, Heavy Duty PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

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The mDesign Shower Curtain Liner is made from 100% PEVA. The material is non-toxic, free of chlorine, odor, and chemical smell for a healthier bathroom environment. Featuring a water-resistant design, the curtain liner can keep bathroom floors free of waster sprays and splashes. Furthermore, the curtain liner withstands damp and moisture-rich bathroom environments to guarantee durability.

PEVA Shower Curtain Liner coordinates with any decorative shower curtain so that you can use it in different decors. It includes 12 reinforced grommets for easy hanging using most shower curtain hooks. The reinforced top hem protects the curtain liner from wear and tear for strength and durability. Easy to clean, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Better, the liner adopts antimicrobial properties that play a role in inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

5. Barossa Design Waterproof Fabric Stall Shower Curtain Liner

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From Barossa Design, we have this waterproof shower curtain liner. Made using 100% premium polyester, it is one of the best choices for a durable curtain liner. Besides, this material is natural while compared to plastic to guarantee user safety. The fact the shower curtain liner is PVC free and non-toxic also makes it safe to use. You can expect the curtain liner to repel water, thanks to the waterproof PU-coated fabric. Also, it can stay in place after installing. The reason is the added weights designed to protect it from blowing. The curtain liner includes six rust-proof metal grommets for easy hanging. It measures 32” W x 72” L, enabling it to fit narrow-sized tub areas.

4. iDesign Vinyl Shower Liner

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Designed for installing on wider shower stalls, the iDesign shower liner measures 72” x 84”. The liner features vinyl material to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. Also, it includes 12 grommets. The grommets work with S hooks and shower rings for easy hanging. You can wipe the shower liner using a damp cloth for quick cleaning. Furthermore, the liner includes encased magnets on the bottom of the curtain to hold it in place. For safety and durability, the shower liner is waterproof, mildew-resistant, PVC-free, and mold-resistant.

3. Downluxe Clear Shower Curtain Liner

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The Downluxe shower curtain liner is suitable when used as a stand-alone curtain or as a liner. Made using 3-gauge 100% PEVA, it is durable and designed to create a healthier bathroom environment. Also, it is water-repellant. This means that it can shed and repel moisture for a fast-drying experience. The header is mesh-reinforced and equipped using rust-proof grommets to protect it from tearing and wearing. Besides that, a weighted bottom hem keeps the curtain liner in place to protect it from flying out of place during use.

2. N&Y HOME Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner

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This is a high-quality shower curtain liner. Made using 100% premium polyester fabric, it is durable and designed to act as a shower curtain or liner. Also, the liner measures 36” W x 72” H. Hence, it fits in most standard-sized bathrooms to enhance versatility. Equipped with a reinforced top header plus seven rustproof grommets, it is a perfect choice when durability comes into play. Not only that, but the shower curtain doesn’t emit any smell, whereas it is free of Vinyl to guarantee safety. Easy to clean, the shower curtain is machine washable for easy home care.

1. LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Microbial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner

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This is a mildew-resistant shower curtain liner. It is made using non-toxic and chlorine-free PEVA to enhance safety. Also, the curtain uses a proprietary mildew treatment that inhibits mildew and growth of mold four times longer when compared to competitor products. Featuring heavy-duty magnets on the bottom, the curtain liner doesn’t billow to keep the water in and cold air out. Besides that, the liner contains 12 rust-proof metal grommets for easy hanging. You can wipe the liner using a wet cloth, which is a step that guarantees easy maintenance. Asides, the liner can fit any standard-sized tubs and showers to guarantee user convenience.


The best shower curtain liners play a crucial role in keeping the water off the bathroom floor. Because of this, they are a great choice when safety is concerned, given that they can protect you from slipping. So, buy either of the reviewed products to enhance the safety of your bathroom.