10 Best Mattress Brand Reviews By Consumer Guide for 2023

Getting a good amount of sleep is important for overall health. When you’re well-rested you have more energy and are able to make better decisions throughout the day. That’s why it’s so important to have a good mattress. Mattresses come in many styles and in a wide range of prices. Choosing the best mattress can be difficult, especially if you’re working within a tight budget.

A good mattress should be supportive enough to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. Your mattress should be comfortable and allow you to sleep you’re preferred way without waking up with back or neck pain. Mattresses may be filled with memory foam, springs, or a combination of both. The best one for you will depend on personal preferences. Use the following information on the top 10 mattress brands to help you choose one that will meet your needs and budget.

Which is the Best Mattress Brand?

Choosing the best mattress brand takes some research. One of the best ways to be sure you’re choosing a good brand is to read online consumer reviews. You may want to read and compare reviews from a few different websites to be sure you’re getting a good idea of the brand. It’s also helpful to be aware of the company’s warranty and mattress return policy. A good company should stand behind their product and offer replacements or refunds if something goes wrong within a certain time period.

How Do You Choose the Best Mattress?

When you’re deciding on which mattress will be the best for you, it’s important to understand how you sleep best. Think about whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination of these. Consider how much support you need and whether you prefer a soft mattress or a firm mattress. If you frequently overheat at night, it’s important to choose a mattress that has a breathable cover to help you stay cool.

10. Ecosa, INC.

The Ecosa brand has been around since 2015. They focus on creating comfortable sleep products, including mattresses, to help people all over the world get better sleep. They offer a 100-day sleep trial with each mattress purchase so you can test out your new mattress before fully committing.

Customers of Ecosa rave about their customer service and the quality of their mattresses. The Ecosa website frequently offers discounts and special savings to help customers get their best sleep while saving money. These mattresses are made of quality materials with a focus on being environmentally-friendly.

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The Ecosa G-7 memory foam mattress is made with durable and supportive memory foam to keep you comfortable all night. This mattress has a waterproof cover that keeps it clean and helps prevent the growth of bacteria.

This mattress from Ecosa is engineered to support your spine for proper alignment. It helps you fully relax to sleep peacefully and wake up pain-free.

Product Features

  • waterproof cover prevents stains and keeps dust mites off your mattress
  • can be used in 3 different ways for a customized firmness level
  • comes with a 100 day sleep trial


  • works well for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers
  • easy to care for and maintain
  • includes a removable cover that’s machine washable


  • may be too firm for those who prefer a soft mattress
  • unboxing this mattress can be difficult, especially for one person

This mattress from Ecosa is made of durable materials. Based on price and features, it rates 4/5 stars when compared to similar mattresses on the market. It works well for those who prefer a firm mattress.

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9. Nolah Sleep LLC

The Nolah Sleep mattress company was formed to fulfill the need for a different type of mattress. These mattresses from Nolah are made with a unique material called Nolah Airfoam that works well for all types of sleepers. These mattresses include a 15-year warranty.

Nolah provides customers with a 120-night trial with each new mattress. This shows how much they believe in their products. They also donate money to American wildlife causes with each mattress purchase as a way to give back.

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The Nolah Mattress Limited Edition 10″ mattress includes an upgraded snow-white Tencel cover to protect the inner mattress from dust, spills, and stains. This mattress comes in several sizes.

This mattress from Nolah is 10″ thick to provide plenty of support for the neck, back, and lower body. The mattress is made using the brand’s signature Airfoam which is light, cool, and comfortable for all types of sleepers.

Product Features

  • comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king
  • can be used on any type of bed frame
  • 2″ Airfoam layer provides relief to pressure points to reduce pain


  • can be used with or without box springs
  • includes a layer of highly resilient foam to help you sleep soundly throughout the night
  • made with breathable materials to keep you cool


  • medium firmness may be too firm for some
  • the white cover can get dirty easily and may need frequent washing

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This mattress from Nolah gets 5/5 stars based on price and quality. Consumer reviews for this mattress talk about how comfortable it is and how it helps relieve back pain that comes from sleeping uncomfortably. The firmness is ideal for most people.

8. LMP Worldwide, Inc

I Love My Pillow is a brand that focuses on providing customers with comfortable sleep solutions. They offer mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers.

This brand has been creating sleep products for over 20 years. They have a unique type of foam that’s ideal for providing support for the entire body during sleep. This foam was developed with over 2 years of extensive research.

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The I Love My Pillow copper mattress topper is perfect for anyone who already has a quality mattress but needs extra support. This option allows you to get a similar feel to having a new mattress without spending as much.

This budget-friendly mattress topper from I Love My Pillow is designed to provide zoned support to help you sleep comfortably through the night and wake up free of neck, back, and leg pain.

Product Features

  • available in many sizes for a custom fit
  • made of copper-infused gel
  • includes a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • easy to use and install on your existing mattress
  • provides maximum pressure relief for a relaxing sleep
  • made of breathable material to keep you cool


  • doesn’t include a cover
  • foam isn’t washable and can only be spot-cleaned by hand

This mattress cover from I Love My Pillow is made from a durable and comfortable copper-infused memory foam. Based on customer reviews, price, and ease of use, this cover rates 4/5 stars.

7. Plushbeds

Plushbeds is known for making mattresses from organic compounds without the use of chemicals and potentially harmful materials. These mattresses are available in several styles and sizes. They come with the coveted GreenGuard Gold certification.

The Plushbeds brand was created to fill a void in the mattress market when it comes to natural products. These mattresses meet many safety certifications based on their manufacturing processes and construction.

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The Plushbeds organic latex mattress comes with a 100-day sleep trial and a 25-year warranty. This mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split queen, split king, and split California king.

This mattress from Plushbeds comes in 2 firmness levels and 3 heights. The mattress has a soft breathable cover that helps keep you cool all night.

Product Features

  • available in medium or medium-firm
  • made from organic latex with a layer of organic New Zealand wool
  • designed to gently cradle your pressure points to reduce pain


  • latex material is naturally anti-microbial
  • doesn’t trap heat like some types of memory foam
  • is dust-mite resistant


  • pricier than many other mattresses
  • may be too firm for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface

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This mattress from Plushbeds is made from all organic materials. While it is significantly pricier than some others on the list, it rates high at 5/5 stars based on durability, comfort, and customer reviews.

6. Live and Sleep Mattress + Pillow + Bedding

Mattresses from Live and Sleep are made from non-toxic and natural materials to keep you safe while you sleep. This brand was created with the customer’s experience in mind. They wish to give consumers the chance to experience their mattress in the comfort of their home before purchase.

Mattresses from Live and Sleep are affordable and available in several styles and sizes. These mattresses contain durable memory foam to support the body and help you sleep peacefully all night.

LiveAndSleep Luxury

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The Live and Sleep best medium balanced luxury memory foam mattress includes a 100-night trial. This mattress comes with the CERTIPUR-US certification for meeting certain safety standards.

This mattress from Live and Sleep includes a 20-year warranty. The company offers free 2-day shipping for convenience. The mattress comes in twin, twin XL, full/double, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Product Features

  • has a medium-balanced firmness that’s versatile and works well for many people
  • includes a luxurious breathable cover
  • has 2.5″ of responsive memory foam


  • includes a layer of gel-infused memory foam to help keep you cool
  • offers relief to pressure points to reduce pain
  • multi-layered design is durable and comfortable


  • choosing the right firmness level based on brand descriptions can be challenging
  • mattress may have a slight smell when first removed from the packaging

The Live and Sleep luxury balanced mattress is made with a layered design to provide extra support for the body. This affordable mattress is a good option for those who like a medium firmness. Based on price and reviews this mattress gets 4/5 stars.

5. eLuxury

The eLuxury brand is a US-veteran owned company based in Indiana. They are known for providing customers with luxurious sleep products including mattresses, comforters, and other types of bedding.

Customers who shop with eLuxury are able to take advantage of a huge selection of products designed to help improve sleep. Their mattresses are made from memory foam to provide plenty of comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep.

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The eLuxury gel memory foam mattress is 10″ thick. This mattress is made with foam that has been CertiPUR-US certified and is free of phthalates, ozone depleters, CFCs, and many other potentially harmful compounds. It also meets federal flammability standards.

This mattress from eLuxury comes in several sizes. It has a layered design with various types of foam that helps keep you cool, provides support for pressure points, and allows you to sleep throughout the night.

Product Features

  • includes a 3″ top layer of memory foam
  • available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes
  • comes with a 120-night trial period


  • developed and constructed in the United States
  • made from premium gel memory foam that helps keep you cool
  • comes vacuum packed for easy installation


  • mattress is pricier than similar style memory foam options of the same size
  • the firmness of this mattress may be too much for anyone who prefers a soft mattress

This mattress from eLuxury is made with an eco-friendly gel memory foam. While this mattress has fewer consumer reviews than most others on the list, the reviews for this mattress are still good which gives it a ranking of 4/5 stars.

4. Puffy Mattress

Puffy is a company that’s dedicated to making comfortable and affordable mattresses to help customers get better sleep. Puffy mattresses are made using information from years of research dedicated to learning how to make the best mattresses on the market.

This company offers several options when it comes to mattresses and other products geared towards helping you sleep better. These mattresses from Puffy are made from high-quality foam that provides support for the entire body.

Puffy Lux

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The Puffy mattress has been named one of the best new mattresses for 2020. This mattress comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

This mattress from Puffy is made to be comfortable and supportive. It has been ranked highly by all types of sleepers and is ideal for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Product Features

  • can be used on any type of bed frame or flat surface
  • comes with a 101-night sleep trial
  • includes a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer


  • all parts are made in the USA
  • has a gel layer to help keep you cool while you sleep
  • includes a temperature stabilizing layer to help prevent disrupting temperature swings at night


  • sleep trial is less than with some other brands
  • doesn’t come in different firmness options

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This mattress from Puffy is designed to be comfortable for all types of sleepers. It gets rave reviews from most who have purchased it. Based on price, reviews, and other information this mattress gets 5/5 stars.

3. Layla Sleep

The Layla Sleep brand was created to build a better mattress that fits the needs of anyone. Their products are well-made and designed to offer something more than other brands when it comes to sleep products.

This brand has mattresses, pillows, and bedding. Their mattresses are flippable which allows you to choose the side that feels most comfortable to you.

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The Layla Sleep mattress comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. This mattress is made with copper-infused foam which works well to keep you cool at night,

This mattress from Layla Sleep includes a 120-night sleep trial with a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. The mattress ships for free and can be at your home in as little as 1-3 days after your order.

Product Features

  • comes with a lifetime warranty
  • made with an antimicrobial material to prevent the growth of bacteria and odors
  • copper infused foam helps keep you from overheating during the night


  • works for all sleeping styles
  • mattress has 2 firmness levels and you can easily flip it to change the firmness
  • made from a durable foam that won’t lose its shape over time


  • may be too firm for some who prefer a soft mattress
  • pricier than other options without a discount or sale

This mattress from Layla Sleep has 2 firmness levels so you can flip it based on your preferred level of support. Customer reviews rave about how comfortable this mattress is. Based on that and other features, it rates 4/5.

2. Eco Terra Beds

The Eco Terra brand makes affordable high-quality mattresses from environmentally-friendly materials. The brand focuses solely on mattresses which means they’re able to use the latest in technology to make mattresses that are comfortable and supportive.

Eco Terra offers free delivery on all their mattresses. They use all-natural materials in their mattresses while still keeping the price down when compared to other manufacturers.

Eco Terra Beds

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The Eco Terra mattress is made from 100% natural latex. This material is supportive and comfortable to help you sleep well throughout the night and keep you from waking up in pain.

This mattress from Eco Terra ships to your house in as little as 3-7 days after you order it. All mattresses are proudly made in the USA in the Eco Terra facility in California.

Product Features

  • available in medium or medium-firm
  • includes fabric-encased coils for extra support
  • free of polyurethane and toxins


  • made of natural materials for safety
  • affordable price
  • includes a 90-day sleep trial


  • sleep trial is shorter than most other comparable mattresses
  • this unit is heavy and may require 2 people during unboxing

This affordable mattress from Eco Terra is ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable mattress that doesn’t break your budget. Based on price and reviews, this mattress rates 5/5 stars.

1. Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress company makes products using the latest in sleep technology. Their team of researchers and developers use science to create mattresses, bed bases, pillows, and other products to help customers sleep better.

This company uses Celliant Sleep Technology which works to convert the body’s natural energy into infrared light. This process has been shown to benefit the body in many ways while you sleep.

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This mattress from Bear Mattress comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. The mattress is made from environmentally friendly materials.

The Bear Mattress option includes a breathable cover made with Celliant technology. It’s constructed with layers of foam that provide support for the entire body while you sleep.

Product Features

  • has a cooling layer that helps remove unwanted body heat
  • the responsive transition foam relieves pressure points
  • includes a 10-year warranty


  • comes with a 100-night sleep trial
  • includes free shipping and free returns
  • can work for all sleeping styles


  • high level of firmness may not work for some
  • not designed for use with box springs

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This mattress from Bear Mattress is rated at a higher level of firmness to work well for those who experience pain from sleeping on a softer surface. Based on reviews and price, this mattress rates 4/5 stars.

Choosing the best mattress brand can be a challenge. There are so many new mattress brands and they all claim to use the latest in technology to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep. One of the best ways to ensure you find a good mattress is to read reviews and compare the options based on price and features.

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A good mattress company stands behind their product. Most offer sleep trials that allow you to use the mattress for around 3 months to decide if it works for you. Some companies may also offer a lifetime warranty against defects. Consider these factors when choosing a mattress company as this will help you get the most for your money and allow you to find a mattress to help you sleep well and wake up feeling rested.